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JEOL JEM-ARM200F Cs-Corrected STEM

Date:2015/7/27 11:21:34

JEOL JEM-ARM200F Cs-Corrected STEM

JEM - ARM200F is a high-resolution scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM), which is equipped with a Cs-corrector in the condenser lens system. This instrument is also equipped with x-ray and electron energy loss spectroscopy systems (EDS and EELS).


1. LIB note

2. High Resolution Imaging and Spectroscopy

3. Study of Nanoparticles at UTSA: One Year of Using the First JEM-ARM200F Installed in USA

4. Atomic-Resolution Elemental Mapping by EELS in Aberration Corrected STEM

5. Ultrahigh-Resolution STEM Analysis of Complex Compounds

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